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About Us

LOMS is dedicated to manufacturing high-end luggage that is both cutting edge and durable. For over 65 years, and three generations, we have been in the luggage industry including owning and operating some of the most successful retail luggage stores in the country. Martin “Lom” opened up his first luggage store in New York City in the mid 1900s. It was a time when manufacturing was booming in America and companies took pride in producing quality products that not only looked good but lasted too. LOMS is committed to bringing those times back.

Building a suitcase that was not only light and strong but also beautiful and practical was our goal. We set out to find the highest quality materials that would meet our standard of being strong but also lightweight. For three years we searched for components and materials that would help us in manufacturing the ultimate suitcase. Our cases are hand built in the USA to last trip after trip no matter if it is for the weekly business traveler or the family vacationer.

We did not want to use standard off the shelf parts and components that most companies use today. We spared no expense in finding the right parts and materials to make a LOMS suitcase one of the industry's strongest and lightest. There is no reason why a case cannot be beautiful, lightweight and give consumers the features they want such as a dual-rod pull up handle and garment hanging system. 

We believe this product will redefine what people expect from their luggage. At LOMS we custom made and hand picked almost everything from the colors and the American-made virgin polycarbonate to each individual screw. We hope that you enjoy your LOMS suitcase as much as we enjoyed handmaking it for you.